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So,I was listening to some Chrono trigger midi, and I said "Wow, this stuff is amazing." It inspired me to write this, and a few other songs I'm working on. It sounds kind of like a boss theme, with trumpets and everything.

After bar 87, everything just repeats so you don't need to listen to it after that.


New version, fixed volumes and just a change in one riff... not that big of a change really.
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I loved the part where the harp goes in, it sets the mood for the great start.
The sax was great too, but it was hard to hear at times....
Man this is great, at times sounds like happy and I'm not sure if it fits a boss fight, but it definately sounds like it.
If you got inspired by CT, then I should play the game to hear more stuff like this

Great 9.5/10
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Wow this is leaving me speechless, well not enough to stop from writing this. 10/10 for sure. I changed tracks 5 and 6 to distortion guitar and it makes it sound more like and epic syphomic metal song lol. My favourite bit was a 40, and came in again at like 71, I think. I loved it.
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Oh man... I was got totally shocked, while listening to this. What great stuff you have there... The only thing that i didn't like, is the brass section and the french horn playing alone. You should delete bars from 20 to 23, and make a fade in, for all the instruments that appear after the fade out. I was not shure(that's, hot i write it?) about those tremolo strings at the beginning, but i was wrong. They're great! All instruments play with each other perfectly. Really, awesome job, man! Keep the good work.

Btw. How long did you do this? O_o
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This is amazing, I really liked it.

It brings back CT memories.... I feel the tears welling up...
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Quote by Sharkuzzi

Btw. How long did you do this? O_o

Not sure. I think I started it in late April... then I started editing and adding on to it and stuff...

New version's up.
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WHOLY **** ME THAT WAS AAMAZING!!! I"M BURNING IT ONTO CD!.. ofcourse if you dont mind...
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Will try giving you some crit.. but its gonna be hard since this is some excellent stuff.

intro is cool, love the harp stuff good transition into the action theme.

but the transition from bar 39-40, sounds a little suddenly and rough.. could be nice if it was more smooth (same at 71-72).

that was the only thing that I could think of atm.. the rest is really good with catchy melodies and clever compositions

good job