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For the question mark in the title...Im not really sure what genre I'd call this. Maybe you folks could help me with that.

Anyways, not only is this my first song that I'm going public (I have a few more under my sleeve), its also my first foray into odd time signatures. Any and all critique is welcome. (Also, don't hesitate to point out what you liked, I always need a confidence booster )

There are a few things I'm thinking about changing with it in the future, such as the bend before the mini "solo", or maybe extending the "solo" a bit, but I think its a great song as is.

Enjoy (hopefully)

(Also, assure that the drums are playing in MIDI and everything else in RSE. RSE drums kinda sound awful. It should be as such when you first load.)

Edit: Only listen to the midi file if you can't get to the gp5 or even 4. The midi sounds pretty different compared to the intended Gp5
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very good, i love the bassline
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it gives you a real "cool" feeling like jazz does. change the clean guitars to jazz ones and make you solos a bit more jazzy and it will pwn. distortion kinda makes it a tad wierd but it still is good. for the coolness part(after intro around 50 sec.) 8.5/10 for the rest 7.5/10
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If this is your first song, i can't wait to see what else you'll put on in the Future. A great song, the bassline is great, the solos are fine, very little tweaks needed to make them better. Without a doubt, a very good song, Welcome to songwriting masterskill,


When you do make more, use this as a benchmark, if they are all good aswell you'll have quite a good career in Music.

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That was cool, that had a brilliant rhythm. The riffs were simple and it was put together really well. 8/10
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the bass was cool, the intro reminded me of muse but then it ended up nothing liek them sometimes the leads could get quite repetitive but vocal would sort that out, i loved the bass tho and the riffs near the end where it got real distorted and heavy was great maybe just liven up the lead stuff a bit more?
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I love the use of 7/8, the beat seems like a 4/4 when you get your foot tapping but then you just get to the next part tht half beat early. Very nice.

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