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Oh boy, i wasn't here a long time. I was practicing more on the guitar, instead of sitting in front of the monitor. But hey... i made somehting in guitar pro 5. It doesn't sound like rock, pop, metal or anything like that... hmm i would rather call it a soundtrack to a game. There is a string ensemble, music box, jazz guitar, drums, guitar on distorion... it all sounds really good, and i wanted somebody to chek it! The intro is long, but it should be like this.

Midi file + gp5 file + gp5 file with rse settings.(for those, who have rse)
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that's actually quite cool! I deffo like the music box, it gives it a nice, peculiar sound.
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wow, that is really good! i see what you mean by computer game music
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Yeah, it's a nice and dreamy little tune
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I loved the whole thing. Very nice balance of instruments and the music box was a great addition. Also, the riff at Bar 50 was inspired!