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So ive been in a lot of bands most of which were pretty much anything goes as long as its respectful and adds to the songs. My current band basically look at me to lead things..the other guy wrote songs but they are 1 minute long so when i try to extend and arrange (because he wont) he gets pissed but he never ever speaks his mind.

Wondering what the normal boundaries are for you in bands and if you have equal input with everyone or if you have to do it all.
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Equal input is nice, but sometime you have to cut the BS and make things happen man
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,y band sucks SOOOOO much arse. im lookin for a new one. My current is all about the drummer, whos gay, literally. And our singer is messed up too.
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in my old band we would just jam everything out but usually i'm the one who brought the riffs with me for us to jam
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basically we play Tool/Mastodon style stuff so everything has to be meticulously tabbed and mp3'd to remember structures and time sigs so its tough.

What about talking about other players riffs/drum parts or tones?. It seems like a touchy subject but i am happy with anyone saying whatever to me..however a former bandmate sneaked in early and changed my settings on my amp which was a bit much.
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i would just talk to them. In my band if we dont like the way something sounds we talk about it and try and fix it as a band
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I think band members should be able to say so if they think something's $$$$ or they think a certain part should be changed. Sometimes other people can see flaws in things you thought were perfect, and make them so much better. All members should be able to say no to any suggestion aswell. though. But that's just what works for me.
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band members should be able to talk, if they keep quiet then nothing will change

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