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Hello, as you can see, Gallagher is making an RPG soundtrack and I want to participate by making an End Boss Battle Theme.. I'm currently writing one and I need some thoughts so far, here it is and enjoy!

PS: For those who don't know, it's not finished.
Boss Battle.zip
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I think this one fits for those kind of special bosses in the end, you know, one of the last ones....cause I think it lacks something for being and end boss one.
I think the end boss theme should be done in cooperation......you know, a lot of people doing it, so it can make it more epic, or if you make something awesome then it would be okay.
anyway, as a song or soundtrack this sounds awesome , the only thing that bothered me was that synth in the background, I think it didn't fit the rest of the song, cause it is that or the intro didn't fit the song,.....but I really like the intro
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The intro's alright... I don't really like the 2 the sawtooth plays, sounds off key...

It pretty good... but it's fit for more of just a normal boss battle or battle theme. I don't know, it wasn't epic or eerie enough for the end boss battle...

Go to the other thread and check my 2nd last post, with the ct stuff in it. Maybe you'll get some inspiration from it.
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Yea, it'd fit a special boss better than the last one... The last one should be done in cooperation like Gonzaw said..

Hmm yeah I was thinking about changing that synth, but I thought it sounded good... >.> It might just be because it is offkey, I don't know how to put it in key though xD!

Don't worry, I know what end boss themes look like, I played all FFs, CT, CC...