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i was trying to fit together some of my riffs in this song thing...just tell me wat u think, the solo at bar 26 is really bad and definetly not finished, and at some points the song doesnt flow,,but im getting a chance to record a song at a studio free of charge, and i wanted to make sumthing new so i tried making this. i was fiddling aroud wtih the parts for about two days and i just put it alll on,,, so crit please. stil not finished tho...
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Some nice riffs, nice melodies. Reminds me a lot of 'Cherub Rock' by the Smashing Pumpkins in the beginning (same key, same harmonic feel). I like the change to 215 bpm and then to 141 bpm, and also the move to acoustic is nice, but it could definitely flow more smoothly. In measure 5, I think the 24 fret E's are unnecessary and slightly painful. You could take the 24 and 19 fret notes down an octave and it would be better. I think the lead line at 10 is a bit over the top and it doesn't fit well with the style in the beginning. That about all I have to say.
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