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I've been working on this for a while now, but it's not complete yet. It's built upon just a simple melody & progression with the I, IV, V, & vi chords, plus a bunch of measure by measure modulation that goes into a very dissonant build up and then release. Tell me what you think. Crit for crit, of course.

Updated version below.
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I agree with the guy above. I think this could be a great intro piece. I keep thinking of a fantasy video game, maybe Final Fantasy actually. Sounds a whole lot like old-school Nobuo Uematsu. I really like it. Even the dissonance buildup feels like that. I think it's even more true considering it's a MIDI piece perhaps, but I really enjoy this music.

here's mine if you want to see it:
Oppression, quiet and Repressed
Swept under the seams
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Kind of makes me think of Queen. especially the last few measures.
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It was amazing. Except, I wasn't really feeling all those tempo changes. I think they were fairly unnecessary and didn't sound too good. Other than that, this is a great start.
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The ending is pretty rushed and the tempo changes near the end I don't really like but the melody and the way you repeated it with variants I really liked, and I liked the part where you slwed down and went quiet... very atmospheric...
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I removed some of the tempo changes and added some bass. More bass to come soon.
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I loved it all up until measure 23. There were some parts that could have been executed a little bit better, but still - up until the very end - that was a very solid piece.
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didn't so much like the ending,
but the beginning was sweet.

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I absolutely love that piano intro, fits the song perfectly, good job man ( the other parts are ok, but the opening is just flat out good.) Also I was thinking that you would break out into a rock epic lol, but either way I like your choice of direction. Overall pretty good the way can you crit mine?
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Ooh!! that soooo wants a huge C chord or something finish it of lol....i can see why someone said queen....driving single note with chord stabs, nice touch though.....I loved the synth line as well. If i had to make a surgestion i would personally harmonize a decent from bar 7 from a high C keeping the A (17 E-string) below....if that made any sence to you at all say "Im Gay!" Bowlin fo soup style!
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