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What should you do before you sing? Usualy I just drink some green tea, have a bit of lemon juice and do my warm ups in the shower. Is there anything else I should be doing before I sing to really clear my voice and keep it that way. Advice please
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Some people actually change their whole diet , they avoid dairy because it makes you phelmy
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I definately do the green tea myself, haha

If you have sinus problems, vinegar potato chips help, believe it or not.

washed down with some hot green tea, of course haha.

Other than that, the best way to be prepared is to just warm up, but dont push yourself during your warm ups.
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I found that like...vitamin water or unsweet iced tea helps
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I usually put in earplugs and drink vitamin water.
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No Tea, caffiene dries out the old voicebox. Water is the best choice.

well the green tea i drink doesnt have caffiene
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Quote by Sid McCall
I usually put in earplugs and drink vitamin water.

I've never heard of the earplugs thing...I may sound stupid but why earplugs?

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^closest you can get to hearing your own voice without recording it and listening
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anything but chocolate milk. thats awful for your voice.

i know this really really good singer, and she drinks practically nothing. like only really pure stuff. no dairy.
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Most green teas actually don't have caffeine from what I've seen. That's why you do green tea. Honey works great after you do that too. Warm up in the shower, too, the steam helps open everything up. Milk = NONO, phlegm city. Scales and stuff when warming up is good, too.
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Some honey and lemon and warm water before, then loads of room temperature water, as well as during practice.
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it is a good idea to warm up in the shower. but also (if you have a piano) you could do some basic scales. if your sinuses are clogged up eat a mint or chew some minty gum that usually helps.

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Yeah, just keep all your drinking that day to water and tea, basically. Before the actual show, do some warm-ups and scales and crap.
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A couple of scales, try the parts you'd struggle with before you go on for the mental re-affirming that you know it, drink room temperature stuff so you don't stress your vocals cords ( no caffiene ) and honey is supposed to help.

Also look in the archives for the last singing thread and read stuff there, or ask questions in the new one at the top of MT.