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Every band has one. Other examples Roger Waters Pink Floyd, Billy Corgan Smashing Pumpkins. How can you avoid being like this is you are very creative and dedicated and motivated and have a bunch of quiet shy people in your band (talking aboit my band situation)
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Uh...That's a stupid question.
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you need to explain further when making such statements if you can...
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are u saying like... u don't want just one person lead the band??? like everybody cooperate?
i think that's really hard. my friend's band is just w/e and no leader, and they don't really go well in practices. goes off track very often, so i dont recommend it. my band i gues i'm the leader (lead guitar/lead vocals in most occasions) and yea... we still don't get much done lolll
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I prefer bands that have 1 or 2 clear leaders, then take collective input. I think bands with no clear leader and usually the ones that fail unless everyone is extremeley cooperative. Also in some bands you can't expect some members to do the same as the "ring leader." I was once in a band where I was doing all of the booking, organization, management details,etc for the band. The bassist in this band did absolutely nothing except show up to practice. However, keep in mind that he had only been playing for about 2 1/2 years and that was his first band. Now how can I expect someone like that to do the same as me when I actually have a resume?
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just be a reasonable person but do not be a pushover, try to be like steve harris from Iron Maiden

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in my band the other guys cant communicate..they are so shy when they dont like something they deliberately mess it up and try to pretend they forget the songs they dont like.
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^What the hell? Get new band members or take charge, it's fine to be the leader. In fact, it can be a very good thing, just make sure everyone feels happy with it.
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In my band, it's me (guitar) and the other guitarist that take charge at practices e.g. what we should go over, etc. I take control of most things such as gigs and stuff, more the 'business' side of things lol, but the rest of the band all chip in their ideas and if we're together we'll discuss what we should do and what is a good idea and so on,
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as long as the guy bookin or leading isn't your drmmer or bassist youll be okay.
but ya you might wanna vote on a leader even though the leader is usaully the singer.
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Quote by Mr.Cuddles
as long as the guy bookin or leading isn't your drmmer or bassist youll be okay.
but ya you might wanna vote on a leader even though the leader is usaully the singer.

excuse me ? Steve Harris anyone ? Roger Waters ? no ?


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im the bandleader in my band, i write the songs, practice is at my house, i tell everyone when where rehearsing, i give everyone there music to practice for the week, im the only one of them that knows music theory. its not that bad, its just alot of work.
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that was "The Band's" way of doing things. Unfortunately it broke down after they recorded "The Band" and robbie robertson pretty much took control.
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In the band that I drum in, we're all pretty good about spreading control around. Individual members will bring in song ideas (alot of times I come up with both the drum and guitar parts) and unless the person has written the entire song, we all give input in regards to arrangement and what not, and lots of times we all write the lyrics together.

My acoustic band is the first band that the other two members have ever been in, so I take alot more control, alot of the time I end up writing all the music and leave the words and melody to them.
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Quote by METSOAD
just be a reasonable person but do not be a pushover, try to be like steve harris from Iron Maiden


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usually a band has a leader, if you have a group of musicans , usually at least one will have a bigger head than the other, therefore powerstrugle. If your lucky enough to get a group of people with the same level of skill and pride. that all like each other and no one is an ass.

then your one lucky SOB.

its hard to do what your implying, it usually depends on the people you play with. To get the best musicans your gonna have to less some a$$holes in your band
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Why do you even need a bandleader?

Oh so the guy who does the most work is the bandleader?Okay,i didn't know I was a bandleader...
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do a whole cream thing, everyone has equal status in the band and go from there.
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I think I am the dominant in my band. Not that elevated over the others though.
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Quote by darthbuttchin
do a whole cream thing, everyone has equal status in the band and go from there.

Uh... that's not very good advice :P
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I find the best idea is to encourage rather than push away (obviously lol). If nothing productive is happening then you should get up and lead, don't expect someone else to but if someone is already helping you all progress then don't resist them. Proclaiming yourself the only leader forever is just as bad as sitting and waiting for someone else to lead. In the end it's most likely that a general leader will emerge, but just remember there's a difference between a leader and a dictator.

Create an open atmosphere and if you're band is still to shy to voice they're real opinions then you're not a fault at all. Also if you feel it's only you're opinion constantly being voiced it doesn't necessarily mean they feel that they're being bossed around, they might just like you're ideas and enjoy working on them as a band.
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In my band ive more or less assumed the role, ill generally decide what we do in practice but i try to get as much ideas and critisicms from the others. i feel that me and the 2 guitarists have a good polar chemistry, i keep us working on stuff while they'll add the spice that doesn't make it boring and dull. the important thing is to have dissent but not to alienate others to push your point, you don't want 1 brain and a bunch of yes men in a band.
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im pretty much the band leader in my band. ive started writing all the riffs and the lyrics. the guitar player does come up with the rhythm parts and the drummer makes up his stuff and writes some lyrics. the drummer is the only drummer i will ever work with because we have great chemistry. Ill come up with a bass part or a riff on guitar and he know what i think the drums should sound like
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