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A company/website that does tshirt design. And also does it for Canada? thanks.
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#2 Although American they are good prices and you can design your own shirt right on their website if you goto the lab link.
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dude, is a great site...definantly check them out for ordering shirts/stickers/buttons/everything

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here's what I'd recommend based on you saying you want it in a down-tuned LP for Death Metal and Grindcore (idk what that is but its probably heavy):
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Google it, youll get loads of results.

Make sure to look around at every site before you go into it, you need to know what you want. As in, t-shirt quality, print quality, colours, amount, etc.
Theres a lot to think about, but just make sure you get a place with good prices, some places rip you off good.
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these guys are in sylvan lake alberta, I have a few of there shirts and they seem to do a good job
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