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This is my first tab AND thread on here so be gentle. This kind of started out as a joke but I thought it was okay (I'm probably wrong) but I wanted to see what other people thought of it. And yes the title rubbish.

Not GP4, GP5! Really sorry!
Cavern av Edderkoppen.zip
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I like the rythm guitar in the intro.....but it lacks something....maybe variation in the lead guitar or maybe add some instrument more to add some spice.
I like the drums in the slow parts....although I would like more variation and less repetitiveness......it sounds kind of empty if not...
The riff at 25 sounds kind of good....and then the drums are SO crazy they make my head explote
Wow...quite a surprise at 37, it sounds cool. I like the harmony and the actual slow riff....but maybe change that last note in the riff, I don't think it fits that much...specially with the vibrato.
Those next chords sound good, except maybe for the one at 44? I'm not a chordy guy so I can't tell but I think it may be off-key or something cause it sounds kind of weird...
I like those strings from 57 afterwards and the acoustic too...kind of makes a break from the whole metal stuff in the beggining (I think there are some off-key notes at 62....but I dunno really).
I gets kind of long....well, the whole song gets kind of long and the riffs last too long too, maybe if you cut some parts or repeat them less it could be less repetitive and boring.
I like that you used the strings to end the piece....and I like most of those chords...but maybe you could change the melody a little bit to make it more interesting?

Anyway...apart from repetitiveness its quite good....keep working on it
At 81 it gets better.....maybe except from the drums which annoy a little bit.