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nice riffs i liked the bit at 13 and 31 the best it would be great if you could get a song organised out of that and get some drums and guitar in there great riffs shouldnt go to waste

Mines in the sig or my work in progress here:
maybe you could give me some bass help i havent a clue about bass lol i usually just use roots
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Very nice bro, The only problem I had was in bars 4, 15, and 16. Some notes sounded off-key. There were other notes that were off-key, but they still sounded good. Try to do some more variations though. Other then that it's pretty intricate stuff for a bass. Good job man.Maybe if you get a chance, check out my newest song, I tried to do more complex bass work, but it could still use work in other spots, so if you could give me some advice, I'd appreciate it.
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Thx very much.
I added a few things in (or took out some).
Something I need help with more is staying in the same key, as some of you have mentioned, any advice on that?
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I really like this dude. The melodies are flowing, good beat, and it sounded like a deep-acoustic guitar. Very nice.

I didn't notice the key problems but my ear isn't that good anyway. the second bass can totally be used more later in the song, it adds a lot of dynamic to the song and can definitely be used more I think.

It's great, and for a bass-only song (don't think I've ever listened to a solely-bass song before) it's fun listening to. A solo is probably all that's missing, unless you count the whole song as a solo right?

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Thats a pretty good riff you have going for the first sections, it started to get a bit dull, but you changed at the perfect time to another great riff (bar 13-20). Wasnt the biggest fan to from bar 29 onwards. The first riff is a bit awkward, and the second sounds jumbled. Im sure a beat would clear both these up though. Work on the other instruments and put up a finished version when you do, Id love to hear it.

Also, I agree with Revan. A second bass in the back could add some killer unique sound to it. Give it a shot and see what happens.

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That was pretty good, very original. It had good melody, kinda reminded me of a melodic metal piece like Hammerfall or Dream Evil or sumthin. I liked the variations you had, but overall it was a bit short.

Pretty damn good tho!
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Quote by BerryTree
Short, straight and to the point man, I really like that bass riff (Even though it kinda drags a bit...but its just me) I could be the only one thinking this but the bass sounds a *bit* like tool, just how it sounds and feels.

can you crit mine?

Haha I get that all the time. maybe cuz the bassist from tool plays pretty high up on the bass too......
Dunno what to say, I dont even listen to them that much.
But they are pretty kickass so thx.