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Haven't been around in a while... but this is a peice I've been working on for a few days now... it's not quite finished, obviously... Just let me know what you think please
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The riffs are deffinitely Bodom influenced which is awesome as who better to be influenced by than the perfect melodeath band

the intro is great and i love the verse riff i wasnt so fond of the riff before the verse tho

the fill and pre chorus is great and you use the synth very well The chorus is and there will be vocals with it i have no real faults to pick out apart from not likeing the pre verse riff but thats just me id say, actually on second listen its fine but every fourth bar in it i would just use 2 different notes rather than four to make it easier on the ears, i hope you know what im talking about lol i havent explained it very well.

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Yeah, there was definitely Bodom in there. I liked it. You should put a bit more emphasis on the rhythm, make it louder or bring it out more, something, but the lead is good. It's just the rhythm needs emphasising. Crit mine? it's in the sig...
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Damn good stuff man. I Looove Melodic death metal. Hahah hell yeah man, this song effin rocks. I can deff. see Children of Bodom playing something like this. The fills were great, the sweeps were great. Strong throughout man. I didnt find it repetitive at all.
Keyboards added a great ambience to the song.
Make more of this stuff man.

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That was pretty awesome man... Normally I could give people bars I didn't like... But this was pretty flawless... congrats...

...Now go finish it.
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Very nice stuff bro, but I think that you should do more stuff with harmonized guitar lines. There's a bunch of spots, where a harmonized melody would fit quite nicely like in the re-intro, and in the pre-chorus and chorus. Like in the pre-chorus, maybe just have two guitars playing a harmonized melody w/ the choir ahs in the background, that'd sound pretty sweet.
Other then that though, I really liked the intro w/ the arpeggios, and also the other melodies throughout the song. I would really like to see this when it's finished, because it sounds great so far. But please don't just have a linear song structure, w/ a verse, pre-chorus, then chorus after what you have so far, try to make it more prgressive, because if you did that, it could become quite an awesome piece of music. Just keep working on it man, very good so far.
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Good job!!! everything was awsome, just put the lead guitar volume down in the intro