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Here are the first three songs i have ever written, my first one is a rock/metal type, which i tried to get away from the powerchord stereotypes.

The second is a love song, which is just two acoutsic guitarists playing

The third and final is a funk song, which was strange for me because i know nothing about funk at all. I threw some metal techniques in their tho too to make it sound cool.

Oh C4C applies!
First 3 Songs.zip
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Thats a sick bassline You got there (song 3)
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Thats a sick bassline You got there (song 3)

thanks, i recently started playing bass, and my bass teacher told me that using octaves makes the bassline sound so much cooler
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alight, so I really just didn't like song 1. The picking pattern was really odd sounding and the drums were just way to spazzy. Everything was jumbled and it just wasnt pleasing to my ears. :x. I think it may be the use of constant triplets over lapping the regular backing.

The one thing I did like about it, though, are the chords you use to begin each measure. They're pretty unique sounding and give a nice twist.

Song two was...interesting. The C7M and D7M chords don't fit at all. I think it would be a bit better if you got rid of all those accents and ghost notes, and just let it go more naturally.

Song three is so damn funky and infectious, I love most of it. The bass could use some work, cause it sounds a bit too evil to be in the with song, but I absolutely love the guitar. The speedy ending is just a mojo killer, though. It sounds out of place and just a bit silly.

In summation, remember that simplicity is often the best way to go. Things don't all have to 32nd note triplets for it to be a good song.

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