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This is the first time i've ever tabbed out a song on powertab (so I apologize if it's a little sloppy) and my first time posting a song in here (as i am clearly a n00b).
That said, I basically have written this song over today and late last night. It's nothing more than a simple little blues song that incorporates lots of classic blues riffs/licks along with some other stuff. I haven't written the bass part yet, since i figured that could wait until (hopefully, that is) I get some degree of approval. I sort of disregarded the metronome (it was crimping my style) so i would recommend listening without it. Oh and i know the beginning could be better...

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I thought it was catchy, a real toe-tapper. Not bad for a one-day project.

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That was sweet the lead was perfect but the backing rhythm was bad IMO it was just really annoying and brought teh lead down. All the lead stuff was immensely enjoyable tho

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