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Anyway, I don't know if anyone else has this problem or not. I live in the middle of nowhere, SC. I've been trying to get a melodic metal band going for a while now, with no luck whatsoever. I managed to find a drummer, and we've been writing and recording, but can't find any other musicians. I've done the whole on line search thing, bandmix.com, myspace, etc and it always seems like a waste of time. All you wind up with is either a bunch of flakes who can't play, or someone who can actually play, but has no equipment, or people who say they want to play, but never bother showing up. (The latter being the most common problem) Outside of putting up flyers/ads in music stores (which there aren't many around where I live) and putting an ad in the paper, (which seems like a waste of money with all the hassle and dead ends on line) I have no idea what to do. It's very, very aggravating, to say the least. Any advice, or personal experience with advice, or whatever would be greatly appreciated.
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go to metal shows. ask every metalhead you see, who is wearing the shirt of a band you like, if they can play. if they can play, ask if they have a band. That will work.
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in a small town, thrash64 has the best advice... i live in a pretty big area in texas, and its still difficult to find musicians. its just perserverance man. that an you have a pretty erm... small window for musicians unless you live somewhere where everyone is into melodic metal, ive been trying to put a band together like that here myself, an to no avail.

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My advice is to stop being so picky. If you really are in a rural area, you need to join a band or get a group of musicians together of whatever you can find. I made this mistake growing up, I didn't want to play the styles of music that were "popular" in my small area, but then I realized I wasted so much time because I didn't. Would you rather sit in your bedroom and play or actually be out gigging? A good musician should be able to play with a variety of bands.

Get back on myspace and like the others, said go to as many different shows as possible. If you absolutely can't find ANYONE in your area, then you need to move....or at least get in the car and drive somewhere to find musicians. That's what I've been doing right now, although my reason for doing that is I've outgrown my area.
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