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Ok, well this is something I've come up with this evening - based loosely around one riff (you'll know it when you hear it). I quite like it but there's definitely room for improvement - so please leave your thoughts. Could be quite good I feel, but as I said it's been written in about 2 hours so isn't by any means finished - needs fleshing-out so to speak (only 1.48) - may throw in another clean section somewhere later...

Oh, and any suggestions for the ending, please leave them/alter the file, whatever I know it's not amazing lol.

Yeah, take a look please - and leave your thoughts, c4c as always

Cheers, b101
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that was awesome the lead stuff at the end was perfect and really enjoyable and teh intro riff was amazing, in fact it was all very good just need to pad it out abit to get some length on it now, sorry i cant think of anything to improve

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I love the chorus. I really, really liked it.