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This is a song I've been working on for awhile. I've showed it to some people and some have liked it and others said it was crap, so I thought I'd get opinion on here. It's not done yet, and if anybody has any ideas for the ending, please share! I will return the favor for a crit.
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First, I've got to say I love the interlude. That's just a catchy riff.. Bouncy. My biggest problem was the section right after that. I guess it just didn't work for me.

The solo - the first second or two reminds me a lot of Kirk Hammet's style .. and then it goes off into a bunch of random notes there. Maybe it's just the midi sound, or the fact I haven't slept in a while.

..If no one gets back to this before I rest up and complete my thoughts, then hopefully I'll remember. Overall, it's an awesome piece.
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That was great. The intro riffs were superb although i actually think slowing them down maybe 10 20 bpm would make them sound alot better the interlude was great although the pinch was stupid in midi but i know it sounds great on real guitar. the drums were good but also maybe a bit to hectic slow them down. these riffs just seem better at a slightly less frantic pace.

The solo was great no complaints there

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It reminded me ALOT of Slayer. My personal favorite section was the chorus, I really like that riff. Everything else is decent. Nothing great, but nothing bad either. The only thing that bugs me was the drums and the guitar solo. The drums just sounded bad. You should hold back on the drums in PTAB. And the solo just seemed too...all over the place.

But, this is an overall decent peice. 7/10
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That was cool. I liked the intro riff, but you really shouldn't put drums in with Powertab :O It sounds like there's a beehive hidden in your PTAB file...

Apart from that it was pretty good. Very Slayer-esque with the single note riffs in there.

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Yeah, I knew the drums sounded crappy, but I felt I needed them in there for effect. The solo also wasn't so hot simply because I'm not a good lead player, but I'm getting better. I wrote this one quick because my lead guitarist is goong to write one when we play this song.

EDIT: ^ClosedCasket, I can't crit yours because I don't have guitar pro, but if you exported a midi I could listen to it.
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I really like the chorus, and the interlude right after that. I think they go well together.

The solo was kinda lacking, I didn't think the last half went well with the rest of the song. You could probably even leave it out if you were playing it at a set if you wanted to.
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That absolutely smacked it mate!
Sounded sick the whole thing,
Bars 23-32 is the best bit i think it would sound sick as a real recording,
And the solo is impossible to judge as midi but it probably sounds well good.
Generally well done.

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Obviously in powertab trying to write drums isn't gonna work too well and that obviously didn't sound great but you've got some pretty good riffs in there. The pinched bends in the interlude sounded terrible in GP but I'm not sure it would be the right note anyway. It was a bit repetitive for sure but you did have some pretty cool Slayer-esque riffs, particularly towards the end. The solo was also slightly Slayer-esque but not nearly as bad as the average Kerry King solo

Didn't like the end very much, though I suppose it would sound cool with a nice crunchy tone and full drums behind it.

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