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cool!! i really liked it, its very relaxing. It reminds me of mogwai, and the bends at the end sound a lot like pink Floyd. The song itself, got me thinking and imaging a lot of stuff, i think it would fit perfectly in the background of an army marching scene or something like that. you should add battle drums ftw. anyway good job 9/10

mind critting one of mine? thanks.
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I like it. Very calm and laid back. I especially like when the chords come in on the steel string acoustic. From measure 37 is AMAZING. I really really like this song. Well done indeed. 9/10
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I like it pretty well. Like the earlier guy said, it is kinda reminiscent of something Pink Floyd would do...i could see where he got that vibe from. I really like when the 2 clean guitars are going at the same time and from measure 37 on is very good. I'll give it a 8/10.

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