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you can put them all in one file you know, highlight them all then send to compressed file.

anyhoo the song was good for all it was but the solo was aweful to be honest, it was as though you just pressed random numbers on the keypad. you can use scales you know. its not illegal in death metal.
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Lol. thanks for the help with the files all in one. I asked that before and no one answered. And yes, I did hit random keys. I told you it was totally random. Plus, I just didn't feel like using the scales, it's so much easier to hit random notes. That's what the guitarist for Glass Casket seems to do. lol
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solo reminded me of kerry king

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The start (after the tappy thingy) gives me the picture of running away from an insane clown.

Want to build a Jackson, to be fairly freaking honest.

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I actually liked it alot. The melodies in it have a very dark melody which was my favorite part. IMO it was like a weird mix between Slayer and Decapitated. I would try and create fast tempo changes to really make the uneasy feeling more chaotic (im just a big fan of tempo changes throughout songs). And i liked the solo, it really fit in with the dark chromatic feel and uneasiness of the rest of the song. Over all it wasn't anything REALLY amazing but i would deffinately have fun in the mosh pit to it live!

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