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Heres the music to four songs that i wrote, i havent gotten round to writing the lyrics yet. Please enjoy them.
MIDI Files2.zip
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I really liked the first one......got very nice harmony in it.....but got kind of repetitive most of the time......but the variations didn't make it too boring 8/10

The intro seemed kind of boring ; I would suggest a melodious bassline to it (I'm refering to the first four measures)....
The first two bars of the riff were good,....and it got better when the lead started the other riff with the bends, I liked it a lot...the lead at 11 makes some nice bends too.....but sounds kind of weird....I think it should sound better with a real guitar . The verse riff was very good....and although it was repetitive..it wasn't boring at all.
The chorus had a very nice rock n' roll feel (specially the chords)...but some bends sound weird too...maybe they are off-key....or more surely they need to be fixed a little and try to make the bends with more variations to make it sound better (for example...don't use full bends all the time....vary between them.....so as to sound better).
Where's the solo?
Then its the same thing.....................it ends kind of abruptly.....you should improve that

The bassline of the third one was so awesome......it had that rock feel too......I liked the muted strumming too. I really liked the next riff....and the one after it,.....they are very good.
Then those powerchords get kind of repetitive after the while...and so they get boring.
The chords at 81 don't flow that good in my oppinion.....they need more melody,......and the transition from 93 to 94 was kind of rough and was not too goo in my oppinion too. And that riff was good.....kind of repetitive.....and those strummed muted chords don't sound as good as they should be......I think its the timing that it makes those sound weird.
At 105 maybe you should add a nice bassline to connect the two riffs better too.
It gets repetitive....its the same riff and it gets kind of long too....and maybe you could end the piece with a solo or something like that.......7/10

The intro from the next piece was very weird...I don't think it was well planed...or it may be that ir was difficult to pass it from real life to GP and didn't sound as good.....you should check the timing and make it have more rythm...
Well, after a while I start to undertstand and enjoy the riff....but what I whink don't fit too well are the powerchords (in the riff).
The next chords sound very noisy in GP....maybe do something about that?
Then it gets repetitive too....
I couldn't hear the solo too well.....you should put down the volume of the rythm guitar a bit......the solo was kind of weird at the end...but was good, I think it has some off-key notes or bends....or something that doesn't sound too good.
The next solo was kind of weird too....at times it sounds kind of random maybe,....maybe you should make it have more melody too..........6/10

Wanna crit one of my songs? (if you can.....crit the last one of my sig ;the RPG one)
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They are alright, but get repetitive after a while (Like number five), and don't seem to progress that much. I like the first one, however some of the stuff gets really out of tune, especially the lead in the third song....it just doesn't sound right, try tuning that up, too much clash.
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just by listening to your songs i can see you are a Gnr fan (like me ) and no i didn't find out by looking at your avatar.

Hender#2:sounds a lot like the cover of wild horses by Gnr, it has almost the same progressions and strumming patterns. :frown: ...

Hender #3: it starts really good, really nice leads, although some sound out of tune, but probably because of the midi. the chord before the brake in the middle didn't sound to good for me, away from that, this is a nice rocking song. 8/10

Hender # 5: this reminds me of you're crazy (bass intro ) but i did like it, although some parts get tad of repetitive. also a second guitar doing leads would be cool, cause some parts of the song sound kind of empty IMO. 7.5/10

Hender-1: the intro and main riff its really cool, but its gets kind of repetitive at some points. i like how the song builds up, and the chorus is really catchy. 8.5/10

i really like your writing style. cheers

mind critting the ones in my sig? thanks.