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Mr. Sonata, you make me mad at myself for not coming up with stuff this good. Once again, you deliver with another amazing peice. The into was masterful, and where the piano kicked it at measure 17 gave me chills. I really enjoyed the solo and the riff that followed, I was just kinda sad to see this peice end. This is by far one of my favorite peices by you.

Very well done, sir. 10/10.
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Great, great piece. The counterpoint in the beginning is gorgeous. The dual guitars at 25/61 are great. Such a simple progression, but you do amazing things with it, good sir. The guitar solo is awesome... I can't find anything to complain about. If this came on the radio, I'd turn it up and rock out.
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wow...umm i word freaking awesome..... great ,no fantastic job,, may i ask how old you are if u dont mind?
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That was epic, fantastic and kept me staring at the screen following the numbers lol. 10/10
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Thanks for the crit on mine man

I've listened to a bunch of your songs man, and I have to say that, while this isn't your best work (my fav was morning solitude ) , it's still damn good. The intro is very nice, especially when there are two guitars playing. Maybe throw in some strings in there, even if they're just simple, it'll still add to the atmosphere of the song, still very good though. Piano was also friggin sweet when it came in at bar 17.

The transfer to electric was pretty smooth, and flowed well from the intro. Bars 33-41 sounded nice, but maybe do some harmonizing there. I just love harmonized guitars, so I always enjoy listening to them. Bars 41 -48 were good, but maybe do some faster notes on the rhythm guitar just for more variation. Bars 49-56 were pure friggin genius man, I loved it. Bars 57-60, sounded really good w/ the octaves, as well as the chugga chugga rhythm parts.

Bars 61-68 were kind of repetitive to me. Try some different chord progressions. I'm assuming bars 69-84 were the solo, and it sounded great. Nothing to improve on there. I was glad to see the harmonizing inbars 93-100, it sounded ace. But maybe put it right after the solo, instead of waiting 8 bars and repeating that melody over again.

Overall, this was very good, but I felt like the song ended too soon. Try to do maybe an acoustic interlude after bar 100 or something w/ the piano. Great stuff man, just needs to be expanded IMO. 9/10
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NightWingMafia- I am 18 about to turn 19

Zakatak- I had started out with some string atmosrphere, but in powertab it wasn't sounding all that good so i took it out...also i had started to do and acoustic part but everything i did made it sound to forced so i just cut it off, ill probably work on it some more and try to extend it a bit

and thanks to all of you
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The first riff seemed kind of...not simple, but kind know..not that I say its bad, its pretty good, but it is like..when you play the same thing higher or lower......but then the other guitar came in and made it sound hell a lot better (well, it gets tiny repetitve....they are 8 measures playing almost the same thing.......maybe some drums,......oh I forgot it was powertab ).
Those chords sounded great....and so the piano at 17...I loved the harmony
The electric sounded nice when it came, good job.

Those two guitars sounded kind of weird in comparison with the jazzy guitar stuff before...but it was nice.
The stuff at 31 sounded nice at first.....kind of repetitive afterwards....but nothing major (maybe you could use the piano in here too)
Until 49 sounded a little repetitive also.....and then the change was too good....
......and so the next riff....sounded great.
The riff at 67 was great too....kind of weird too with the last riff....but good.
The solo was very good......maybe get the tapping (?) part to do more variation stuff, was great.
The harmonizing part at 93 was awesome....but as zakatak said....make it happen just after the solo to make it sound better.
And yes.......improve the ending
8.99/10 great song man

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It was good....I will go into further detail later
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Very good piece. My only complaint was it took a little while to really get going. The intro didn't really hold my interest until the the piano came in, but from there it was amazing. Very good. Crit one of mine? Probably not your cup of tea, but their in my sig.

EDIT: Whoops, nevermind, you already critted mine.
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I'm sorry about the massively late reply. I uploaded my last song before vacation set in, and now that I'm back .. everything seems to have been beaten out of the crit scene for this song, good and bad. I still felt like I should honor it, so .. wow - The intro just didn't work for me. It sounded like something I'd play, then immediately glare at my guitar for doing that. But, as it picked up I loved how everything just .. blended forward, I guess. It worked, you know? Loved the harmony, too.