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Well....as the title say.....
I made the original riff with my acoustic (I usually end up making simple improvised riffs when I pick my acoustic ).........then added the bass, the drums and the chorus (which I think is pretty good.
Then I made the solo in 5 minutes or so , I will fix it tomorrow.

I don't know why I made this song in such a few period of time.....but I felt to,....I like improvising songs

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I usually don't like that type of music, but that wasn't bad. It was kind of cool how you had a lot of beat with the guitar using the dead chucks. I think it might have sounded better if you had ended with a different chord. Something funky. otherwise, I give it 8/10

crit mine?
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^Thanks for the crit...I'll crit yours immediately...just tell me which one

Quote by rodrigomierh
Man, That was awesome, i think this is your best song, the overall vibe is great, and everything sounds perfectly, the bass plus the rhythm strumming is killer. 9/10
great work.

Wow....thanks the crit
I spent like 5 minutes doing it and improvised almost everything, I just got some RHCP inspiration
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thats a really killer rhythm you've got their, the strumming pattern is great, i wish i could write good funk songs, ive tried one if you wanna crit it?

its in the forum under What The Funk?
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Cheers for the crit man now on to yours:

Nothing great with the guitar in the intro I thought, but the bass... wow... killer bassline
The verse was really good, especially because of the bass, and the drums flowed perfectly...
The interlude was very good in my opinion... the first one that is...
The chorus was very groovy, very funky
Nothing special about that second interlude, though it could've been better...
Didn't care much for the solo, I don't know, didn't think it flowed well IMO ><... I know you can write way better solos than that one
The third interlude could have been better too but it was good..

Overall, great song, could use some work on the interludes and the solo 8/10 keep it up