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my band has a couple of important gigs coming up soon, we are doing covers and orignal material but we need help choosing what songs would be good to use in the set, we want songs that the general public will recognise but are still fun, we mainly want old rock stuff not too much of this new ****.

we are all pretty decent musicians and can learn songs with in a matter of minuets and perfect it with in a day. bands we like:

the beatles
the rolling stones
jimi hendrix
wishbone ash
pink floyd
bad co.
fleetwood mac (peter green era)
rory gallagher
red hot chili peppers

bassically classic rock

do you guys have any suggestions as to what songs we should play to get the crowd dancing and enjying them selves.

we play mainly to musos and classic rock fans but the songs need to be popular but not cliche.
cheers for the help

PS we dont want any more than 3 ballads in our 20 - 25 song set and thinking of using bohemian rhapsody(queen) and blowin free (wishbone ash as our encore)
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How about Brown Sugar or Feel Like Making Love.
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Don't do Bohemian Rhapsody unless you have a backing choir or your band is REALLY good at harmonizing (which even if you are, I doubt you can do Queen justice no offense). Bohemian Rhapsody is best left alone I think. Honestly, I don't know why the songs NEED to be popular, I've never understood this theory. I would rather play songs I like rather than songs I think other people would like. No one is going to think "Oh, I don't recognize this song, so it must be ****", if its a good song, people will enjoy it. So out of those bands I'd say talk among your band members and pick songs that YOU guys like. If you guys are into what you're playing, the crowd will be into it no matter if you're playing the most obscure 60s or 70s song you can think of (provided that its actually a good song).
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how about... compromise by berzerker =]

It'd be funny, cos all the peeps there woudl get scared...

BUT being serious, play one of the 4 seasons by vivaldi =]

there beautiful tunes
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How 'bout Crosstown Traffic?
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