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Any one got any advice on how I can make about £600?

Cos we REALLY need a cab, and head, but don't have the money =\

Any advice greatly appreciated
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Get a job?
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***** yourself out to 60 fat chicks for £10 each, or 6 REALLY fat chicks for £100 each
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mow lawns
im always better than you


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You're a band right? Borrow some equipment and play some gigs. My band made £100/$200 from one gig.
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here's what we did (when we were too young to work)

buy candy wholesale (costco, sam's club, etc.) and go door to door selling them.
say it's for a youth baseball team (wear jerseys to make it legit).

I doubt you'll make enough for a cab and a head though.

Other options:
Wait until Christmas/Birthday (or ask that the head (or cab) will be both x-mas and b-day gifts)
Wait until you can get a job.
Save lunch money and holiday money.
Start a band fund, every member pitches in $10 in a band bank.
(Great idea when trying to buy a PA)

(All of my friends were super dedicated and we found ways to get our equipment, unlike other flaky kids who went around with their girlfriends wasting money on food, cd's, and clothes. Getting equipment takes dedication. I hate kids who always complain the they're broke. They're not broke. They just spend the little money they have on other things. For us, music was the one thing worth all the money.)
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cab and head is the guitarsists job(asuming it's not for the bassist). he/she should get a job, and not rely on the band it's disgusting.
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only thing about borrowing stuff, were a 6 piece... 3 guitars, 1 bass...
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get a job!
and you don't really need stacks, combo's work fine too
but hell,, whatever makes your day, can't spend what you don't got,,,,
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Sell your ass. That's what I do when I need new gear, because I can make like £100 a day.
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How old are you?

If you're young I suggest a paper round (sunday's pay best). It also shows how commited people are.
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