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Before u Play it Turn Off The RSE or it wont sound right

Well was messing around then soon found a weird sound and got well this weird music thingy, well soon fixed it up and need help on making it well good, cause its unique i think...... well just tell me what u think and ill be happy to crit anyone else's songs too,
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umm... whats a c4c?... and thx for crit ima check your song

Crit 4 Crit, I crit your songs you crit mine kinda thing
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I liked this a lot, like jamiedonelly93 said it sounds kind of like some of the more recent blink stuff (I mean blink not AVA or +44) and also of Snow Patrol. You might want to change the dynamics, make some bits louder and some softer cause it got quite quite over powering. But yeah still cool. C4C?
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It was alright. Not really my kind of song, but I did sorta enjoy it. 7/10

Crit mine if you get a chance? (Diverse Metal is my newest)
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