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How'd you go about getting your band members to save up their money, for new equipment, and how'd they make the money =]

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I tried the whole band fund thing with a few guys before. Some of them would spend $50 a weekend on alcohol and still refuse to chip in on anything for the band. What I started doing was withhold their portion of funds made from gigging. We also used to have a fine policy for band practices but it started getting a little out of hand.
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The rythm guitarist does a afterschool job which nets him 30 quid a week.
Me and the drummer both do sunday paper rounds so we net bout 10 quid each.
Lead guitarist is just kinda spoilt so has no job and just asks for money.

As a band we generally find that we save individually for new stuff rather than all chip in. This is simply because No one wants to give up 70 quid of their hard earned money for something.
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We have jobs, and bum off of our parents. I also re-sell anything that I don't use, and my gear is in constant circulation. Sell pokemon cards and old video games and stuff, eBay is your best friend.
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