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This is my feeble attempt at a funk-ish song, theres just one elemant at the end that isnt which is a sweep pick, but still sounds cool

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hmmmm. im not sure about this one. dont get me wrong theres potential but theres just something i dont like about it. i think its the guitar it just doesnt sound right. Bit short as well. but plenty to work with
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I think the intro with wah wah should sound great....but the drums kind of annoy me a little, they need more....eh.....mood or something (you could put some snares and some more rythm, like funk.

I don't think you can slap the bass (I don't know if that is the expression) if you play it with your fingers , I think you forgot to take those S and P out........the bassline is quite good.

I think it depends on your thoughts to the song......maybe you want to make some kind of jazz fusion and this will be alright......but if you want some funk/rock you should put some slap (the one you forgot ) and more agressive drums.....

The volume of the guitar at 13 is too low for the solo.....and this solo sounds kind of jazzy....too jazzy maybe, specially the end, but I don't know a thing about funk solos, so....

Yeah....that ending is kind of abrupt....both for the guitar and bass........you should develop this into a whole song and end it more smoothly....