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So, I got a call yesterday to help a local band set up to play a show at the high school (yeah, I know). Having nothing else to do, I agreed. We ran a basic sound check yesterday, and they're playing tomorrow.

Now, my question is this: What emergency supplies will I absolutely need? It's only a five-song set, so I'm not worried about anything major (like blown amps). I've got a bunch of extra cables, patch cables, 9v batteries . . . . anything else ya'll can thing of?

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Well a normal "roaddie kit" is stuff like strings, string changers, tuner, knife, batteries, flashlight, tubes, bungee cords, duct tape, but for a five song set? I wouldn't bring a thing.
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Yea im my best friends "guitar tech" i usually dont need anything, the only problem i ever had was when something came unplugged. I stood there looking stupid and let him fix it. Yea unless this band has a history of breaking stuff then dont worry.
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extra strings, cables, power strip, and gaffer tape (or duct tape if you can't get any)
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I would also say spare tubes and fuses (if the amps use them) and a good surge protector. Also, a riot control style shotgun loaded with buckshot is absolutely essential.
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