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i was just messing about with a few riffs this week in 6/8 and was trying to write something that was fun to play and dark. so i was writting away at this and i came to the solo and im kinda stuck it feels weird trying to solo in 6/8 but it sounds weird if i try make it 4/4 so i guess ill just have to work on it .

but ive got the rest of the song done, i need to work on the rhythm guitar and the drums clearly but these are the riffs ive got down for it . they sound alot better, faster and heavier on guitar

i dont even know what genre it would be im thinking growled vox but thrash vox would work too and i supose metalcore vocals would also work. so i dunno what it would be anyway its not the most creative song by anymeans but i like playing it as the riffs are fun so.

tell me what you think


edit: i was wanting to put some sweeps in the solo but i had to bump up the bpm as it sounded batter at 200 but i dont think i can handle sweeps at 200 or even runs over an octave as im not that fast yet (well cleanly atleast )
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It sounds good. Reminds me a bit of Lamb Of God.

For the rhythm guitar, you should have a harmony type thing going. That would probably make it way better. And like you said, the solo needs a lot of work.
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It reminds me of at the gates a bit.

A lot of these riffs would sound great harmonized so if you ever want to mix things up, you can try that.

I didn't really like the solo too much, but if you can play 16th notes at 200bpm cleanly i must say you're a pretty good guitar player.
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The song was very good but the solo i think need to have more feel for the song (change of speed)
But all in all very nice try
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i know i havent started the solo yet i just threw them in as a starter i think im going to do nice slow sweeps nothing fancy, i can play runs like the one i have there at 200 but if im covering more strings or whatever it gets a bit messy. anyhoo i cant ask for more that comparisons to LoG and At The Gates and yeah im probably going to harmonise a few riffs like the riff just after the solo and probably a few more. but i can only do soo much ive only got just over a year of playing behind me

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Cest good but as previously said harmony bits, solo but also bass! It doesn't need to be fancy but it needs to be there. A fretless could work quite well, kinda like a Steve DiGiorgio sort of thing. Also maybe speed it all up at the end, give it a wee bit more agression.

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yeah thanks man, what do you want critted tho? tell me and ill get to it
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Man... it's a good concept... but it's boring as hell. You accentuated the 4th beat in every bar through-out the entire song! All the riffs follow that same pattern and, man, that was boring and long. Sorry to say it, man. Experiment with it, add some diversity to the accented times, and don't forget that you CAN change the time signature at some point in the song in order to acomodate another riff.

Try playing four triplets in a 4/4 time table (at around 140bpm) to get the same effect... and a broader more expansive feel (and, you know that 3/4 time would be more beffitting to your song... right?). Also, I really don't think the open 5th backing the riff would sound well played on a real guitar... but that's just me. Do try and experiment with some harmonies.

Oh... and the thing about accentuating the same beats in every bar also goes for the drums.

As far as the solo goes, remember that the solo is supposed to stand out... if you can't do sixteenths at 200bpm, than do triplets of eighths at 200bpm (it'll feel like the solo slowed down to about 130-ish bmp) and will allow you to write something you can play... and perhaps help you phrase some more emotive things... not every solo needs to be shred.

Anyway... that's all I've got to say.

Best of luck.
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i liked the main riff, although the song gets kind of repetitive. everything else is fine except for the solo, IMO it doesn't stand outs. And I agree with leo_p8 about slowing the solo speed. It is almost done but there's some work ahead. keep it up
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that isnt the solo thats just some randomness that i never took out. i was just seeing what sixteenths at 200 was like and i can actually play both of them licks fine. but im definitely going for a more melodic possibly neoclassical solo. and yeah ive plenty to do to the backingtrack and im going to put quite a few harmonies in there. also on the repetitive thing this song is meant to be played with vocals despite me not having a band

also drums arent started yet that was just for a beat when i was thinking of riffs
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The first riff sounds good....but everything goes too fast for my tastes.......
The secnod one is faster...I liked the ending of it...sounded kind of eastern
I liked the 3 riff cause the other guitar calms down....and then it comes in.......I liked the harmony
Riff 4 was good...but didn't call my attention too much...
Maybe if you can't play the solo that fast...then don't, cause you don't have to do it if you don't want to or cant.....just make something that stands out and calls ones attention...and use some semi-fast licks and bends and slides instead......
It ended kind of quikly, didn't it?

(to tell you the truth.....I skiped most of the song cause they were the same riffs repeated , I didn't want to get bored.....)

Maybe you could crit my song Yutimium I improved it and added a new solo (or another one of the last ones in my sig if you want......I just added a new song that I posted like 1 week before and didn't realize it till now )....if you want of course...
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yeah this is only the basis and i can actually play runs at 200 it just depends what kinda runs. if there like the ones i put in i can do them but if the cover alot of fretboard i cant so w/e and yes i will be taking tome to write a nice solo and put in some harmonies to make things more interesting. i actually meant to take riff 4 out because it sucks in my opinion i just put it in to try it out but forgot to delete it.

anyhoo i'll try get back on this one on saturday after i rerecord end of civilisation, as ive got a few nice ideas for this solo

ill get to yutiminivekjf34ium now
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The riffs were good but the drums got on my nerves after a while because they sounded the same, maybe it's because i'm tired, who knows. The solo didn't sound nice too my ears either. I guess it isn't finished though, so i'll bear that in mind.
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does everyone ignore my posts ive said countless times that that is not the solo it asnt even been started yet and the drums are just there for keeping time as they have not been started