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My band is playing a dance for some kinda shindig thingy (i dont really know what it is, the other guitarist got the hookup.) But anyways we have been trying to learn a bunch of really easy recognizeable songs to fill two hours (we normally focus on our original stuff but since this is a dance we are gonna do mostly, if not all covers). We have been learning some easy stuff and playing stuff that some of us already knew but we're still looking for more songs so if you have any suggestions for songs (mostly really easy couple chord 50s-60s songs and standards but a some newer stuff would be cool too. Thanks.
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What ages will primarily be at this dance? Is it for a middle/high school or community event? If it's community, I would do something like 5% oldies but goodies (1970 & before) 25% classic rock, 30% modern pop hits, 40% pulling numbers out of my ass. Here are some covers I suggest that almost always gets people dancing:

Anything upbeat by Sublime
Cupid's Closet by Gym Class Heros
Anything from the Motown era
Your Love by Outfield
Any type of 80's One hit wonder usually works
Girls Just Wanna have fun by Cyndi Lauper
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if all else fails play any originals you have, then you may be able to get some people on your side as fans

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sreiously dude i know how u feel we gotta play at a grad. party this weekend but were kinda not that kinda type of band, but it's a gig and u can't pass up an offer like that. soo far we've learned sweet home alabama, thats a real good one here without u by 3 doors down thats a good slow dance songand quite a few others like that one kid said one hit wonders from the 80's will work pretty good, srry i prolly wouldn't do anything as girly as that cindy lauper song he mentioned though
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Yeah we will most definitely pass on the Girls Just Wanna Have fun and no one in our band really likes modern stuff so we're pretty much gonna play old stuff anyway. I mean even though we are playing a ton of really recognizeable stuff I still dont really wanna compromise ourselves. I also think we may be playing an original or two.
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my lead guitaris it an oldies guy and im fed up with it, his constant hammering of zep into my head has put me off them immensely, and as for the songs, peopel dont want to hear them anymore, thats why im starting a thrash band, much mor eexciting and colourful
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you might wanna find some slow songs, like Stairway, which is always fun!
Also some early beatles, the upbeat but REALLY simple stuff, like twist and shout or I wanna hold your hand....reconizable stuff and easy

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Try My Sharona, cover Michael Jackson( and other 80's dance classics) in rock, punk, metal way. Be original.
Do some slow songs,too
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2 hours?? ****.
Ummmm, just try to play stuff theyll recognize, some of those annoying punk songs and maybe some softer metal. The occasional slow song, i dunno all the dances iv been to have all that hip hop **** so i end up leaving early
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Thanks, we were discussing my sharona and already have I Wanna Hold Your Hand ready for it. I am also unafraid of people not wanting to hear the songs anymore due to the fact that there are a quibillion people roaming the world today that have never even heard these songs cuz they live under a rock and get all their music off of fuse.