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Okay, this one is an instrumental song, and it's very short. I've made this after listening to a few Hendrix songs. I think it's quite good, it could an album intro, or something like that.
Dunno if i should make it longer, and add an overdriven guitar solo. You tell me!

GP5 file!

Please crit!

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oh man, that was really good but way too short!!, i feel like i missed something, i really like the chord strumming patterns. I loved the riff starting at bar 10, but i didn't like how the song flowed from the beginning to that bar. i was left also without a solo, but thats maybe because its only one guitar. Anyway you should definitely consider extending this piece as I really enjoyed it. Great job. 8.5/10.

Mind critting my new acoustic piece? its called caustic acoustic, thanks.
PS. thanks for the crit.
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Okay, i've made it a little bit longer. I think this song shouldn't be too long, 2-3 minutes are enough. I tried to make a solo on dist/ov guitar, but it just doesn't fit, and the whole song is just like a one big solo.

New file is in my FIRST post!
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I liked the intro chords.... maybe they should need more participation from the bass or okay as it is....
I liked the riff at 10...but the transition to the speed up chords didn't flow that well, although I really liked that part...and the bass too.
I liked 22 too....sounded good, and the next part with the chords too.
I liked the riff at 36....... looks like I like quite a lot from it , maybe you could improve the transition from the intro riff to the next one too
THe thing I really liked too was the riff at 69.....

Mind critting one of mine? (in of the last 5 if you can )