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Haha, the chorus riff is just so cool... i can't call it in other way. Just cool chorus.
M'kay, the verse... add more variety to it . Make it groovy. It will sound better.
I liked the bridge, easy, but catchy. Sounds good.
The solo... definietly change it. More variety, do not make it in the same speed the whole time with little breaks. Learning yourself a few scales isn't a bad idea, too.

Overall, not bad.

Btw. Welcome.
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Nice. Very catchy. Especially the main riff. Bit of an abrupt endingand the last two bars of the solo werent perfect. Keep working 7/10
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Well let's start at the end, someone didn't like the ending being abrupt but I commend you for it, it's a little different and I liked it.
The beginning was good, nice and lively with a catchy and powerful riff, which reminded me of one of my favourite bands, Bush, so nice one.
Something I will say is that you might want a different chord progression in the verses to the chorus, but you did manage some variation in the verse having no guitar, so it sort of made up for it.
When the change did happen it was the bridge. Sorry but in my view it seemed off-key and spoilt the solo when it changed back into the original chords. The beginning of solo seemed a bit off too, but it could just be me.

I think you could change the bridge by moving every chord (and bass note) up one fret. It fits the rest of the song a lot better, and it'll still be virtually the same as what you made up, which wasn't bad on it's own just didn't fit the rest.
Also there are parts of the solo that don't fit so you could take another look at them.
This has a lot of potential and if you changed those bits it would be an awesome song in my opinion - it's already good apart from those bits. Well done.
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Thanks dudessssss. Yeah, i dont liek the bridge and solo, probly should have made it better before I poseted.
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the main riff is great, but the whole song is based on it, except for the bridge, you should find another chord progression for the verses, so its not a slowed-down chorus. also as you said, try and work a little bit more in the solo. Good job.

Mind critting my new song? its on my sig. thanks.