Hi this is a song i had 80% done in my hard drive for i while, and finally today i decided to finish it. It is fun to play but don't know what genre it really is apart from acoustic and instrumental.
anyway all crits are welcomed.
and C4C as always
Caustic Acoustic.zip
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Man, I'm impressed... this song is very relaxing and nice to listen. Maybe it's not technically advanced, but it's very good! Easy, relaxing classical song. The chord at 2.00 sonds a little bit strange, but i think it's only the midi fault. After all, good work!
For the first time i don't want to change anything in somebody's song.
I really dig this. It was very relaxing. Just a simple finger picking progression, but it sounds really good. I personally wouldn't change anything.

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I liked it a lot.....it is relaxing indeed......and I love the part around 1:00 and 0:40.....
I think there is something strange in 1:17...it could be midi or nothing...I just think something was not in place.....and also what sharkuzzi said about the chord at 2:00, it sounds kind of weird....but still good
Everything sounds so good, and doesn't get boring nor repetitive.......very good work (maybe you could add another instrument if you want.....but it doesn't really need to )
Man...I really like your songs

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Loved that slide a 15. The others werent the same. It might just be the powertab. Realy good. Lovd it Wouldnt change a thing. 9/10

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Cool i really enjoyed this. It all flows so well and like everyone else has said, it relaxes you. Its very reflective music and has loads of highlights and good sounds. Well done. My only complaint if i have to think of one is its shortness, but thats probably just me.

Good job!

PS i got a song up at the moment "Powertab Funk song" or something like that. COmments would be appreciated.
mm, the guitaring was good, and you could tell you worked hard on it, but it sounded alot like a piano peice rather than an acoustic peice. But still good none the less.
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, but it sounded alot like a piano peice rather than an acoustic peice.

well i actually came with it while fingerpicking an A chord. But I just changed the acoustic guitar to piano and it sounds great. I'm going to try and play it on piano later.
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I like this, I think there's a lot of ideas in there to keep it more interesting, pretty much no two bars are the same. The song works well as a whole, it's a nice length for an instrumental, but yeah I think it could be better as a piano piece, not sure.
I like from bar 12 to the end best, I think there should be more of that, whether you choose to put it in nearer the start as well, or add it over some of the earlier parts in the form of a second guitar. Obviously it would need to be altered a bit to make sure the two parts play in the same chords, but I really think that would improve the piece.
This is only a suggestion though, and to be honest it's fine as it is, so truly well done with this one mate.
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it starts out good, i dont like bar 10 though, and the last part where u repeat everything, i would like it better if it was just played once each. just seems a bit dragged out. overall i like it.
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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho

wow...this was one of the most relaxing things ive heard on here. The progression isn't anything complex, but it sounded amazing...im with nunxwhere on this one...leave it as it is, it is very good.

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It's realy cool man, like someone said earlier, reminds me a bit of someting you would find in an RPG game or something (but maybe that's just because the midi-sound reminds me a bit of old nintendo games or something). It's not really a 'song' in the way it doesn't have a verse-chorus structure, but I don't know if it was your intention of doing so. It's just a tune, but a very well written one.
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I agree with the rest "this song is sooo relaxing"!! .. the only part which i would say should be changed is the last 3notes on bar 10, other than that a great song!!

It's a really good easy listening song. Esta chida pues, y por cierto sobre las canciones que dijiste de metal a cumbia, ya las habia escuchado, y pues por eso mismo quize hacer lo contrario con esta rola de Los Angeles Azules. Voy a chekar tus demas rolas.
Its very good, the 11th bar thing is great I like how it works out and the part where it slides, most of the things I saw on power tab where they slide like that, usually don't sound good, these came out very nicely. Nice job again
awsome song. Really relaxing. I enjoyed it very much.
I think the song is perfect the way he is, no changes needed.

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That was just flat out amazing man. 10/10. Beaaautiful. Bar 17-20 makes me smile everytime, its beautiful. Like floating on a dream, my friend. Nothing negative to say, absolutely wonderful.