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Hey everyone!

I've been working on all these songs for a few weeks, and the midi files really do them any justice. (But do they ever?) I'd like to hear some feedback, i'll definately crit you for a crit.

They are all instrumental, but i'm really open to any feedback i can get. Most people I know/am related to don't really know anything about music... so I kinda get no feedback.

Keep your mind open, that's all I'm going to say about my stuff.

Really, open them in Guitar Pro 5, the midi files are really awful, lol.

60 Percent Chance.zip
Moss Are Blues.zip
Quasar Pipe.zip
Open Heart Surgery.zip
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60 Percent Chance: everything goes right till the break N solo, I think the solo doesn't fit, and after it the song ends abruptly.
Moss are Blues: this sounds like an electric keyboard rhythm, and you are just changing the chords, until the solo, i liked the solo. but u should add more lead at the beggining.
Quasar Pipe: this one sounds like a Mario castle level song, with the eerie soloing.
open heart surgery: this is the one i liked the most for the change in style, all the other songs were kind of more jazzy and relaxing.

I think this songs are just ideas at the moment, you should make them longer and with more variety, cause kind of get repetitive at some point. but i like the concept. 7/10 for the bundle.

mind critting mines? (in sig), thanks.
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60 Percent Chance That bass line is killer in the intro. Liked that bit a lot especially with the clean guitar. The bit after the break doesnt seem to merge that well sounds good on its own though. Try to work on a bit to link the two together better and it will be really good
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Yeah, 60 percent is two fragments, i'm trying to get a way to get them to merge.

Thanks for crits so far: )
4/4 is just so boring. <_<
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60 Perfect Chance- I think the second (and fourth bar to..and so on) doesnt' fit....both bass and drums (well....they dont fit each other.....I think the drums are the ones making it worse...cause at 21 the drums and bass sound perfectly)....I really liked the guitar beat to it...sounds like some jazzy Mario stuff...well...and with the good drums the bassline sounds great too I don't know what happens at 25? Is it another song?......in that part I didn't like that much the time signature changes....maybe you should leave it both at 8/4 or make two measures of 4/4

Moss are blues- I like it....it has a jazzy fell too and I like the bass and chords....although it gets kind of repetitive after the time.....I also liked the chorus.
I liked the solo....specially the slides at the end

Quasar Pipe- I like the intro bass with the dead notes from the guitar
The "Groove 1" was great...I loved it, the strumming was great and the lead too.....specially the first measure
I kind of liked "Groove 2"...was kind of weird I guess ,and if you want some slap maybe you could change the instrument in GP....
THe guitar duet was kind of cool too....

Open Heart Surgery- I like the rythm and the organ too....I think it needs more variety, maybe add more instruments or more stuff happening within the instruments.....
I like the bridge and outro too.....those are very good

as rodrigomieh said....make them longer and try to add stuff so as to make the melody flow better and maybe add more instruments doing different stuff on top of some parts of the riffs (or grooves ) so they don't seem too repetitive
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60 Percent Chance: The bass line is awesome but the little decending piano bit at the end kinda didin't fit the song, since the rest was a funky basslines and smooth piano. Though its very well done, It would have been better if it was longer, oh well


Moss are blues:
I like the bass line, very catchy. The piano is smooth and the solo is good but it seems like you did it on a comp program or some kind of synth on your piano.
it would have sounded better if you used an actuall guitar for that part

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The ones you recorded were easily my favorites. I loved the solo in Moss Are Blues. I wasn't to big on Open Heart Surgery except for the Bridge and Outro. I liked the riffs in 60 percent. Can't really say anything about it because it's just 2 seperate riffs and that's it.
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A 60 Percent Chance : Gotta love beat one, well, the whole song really.
Only thing i would suggest is making the transition to the part that starts on bar 26, with the gap it sounds pretty disjointed.

Moss are Blues : The file isn't working for me

Open Heart Surgery : Kind of have the feeling i've heard the intro progression before. Doesn't really work without a strong drum beat behind it.
The organ was a nice addition.
It kind of bothered me that you used the intro progression for the Verse and chorus (and pretty much the whole song), the organ just isn't lively enough for you to do that.
Wait...am i missing something? Everyones talking about a solo? i've not got one here

Quasar Pipe : Can't really find anything wrong with it, loved groove 1, and the guitar solo and duet.
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Moss are Blues; very chilled out feel, which I really like considering I don't tend to listen to this style of music often. I like the way you opt for less common time signatures, and even though this is a fairly common 6/8 the lead guitar made me think it wasn't, so keep up the originality mate.
Quasar Pipe; despite the Mario sound, you pulled this off to be a good track, I'm particularly impressed with the drums, they seem to be underestimated as to how good or bad they can make a song. These were good, along with the percussive use of guitar and bass, I thought it was put together well. And damn that Groove 1 is catchy.
A 60 Percent Chance; I don't know if it's just me but the bass and guitar don't seem to fit throughout this tune. They're both fine pieces individually so maybe you could try and change the key of one to make them fit but for now, for me it isn't happening. The end is a little odd too, but has some potential, I think it's just the odd note here and there that puts me off.
I will bear in mind that this is a working progress though.
Open Heart Surgery; I can see this being a really nice track, but like some have said it could use either some added background instruments or a little more variation on the acoustic in parts. I guess if it's intended for vocals over the top then it's fine the way it is.

Also I like the way that you made sure you could play these tracks fully as you wrote them, having listened to 'Moss are Blues' and 'Quasar Pipe' recordings. I liked them and they were well played.
Nice work
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Thanks a lot matty! ^_^ Could i have a link if you have something i can crit?
4/4 is just so boring. <_<
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Haha, well I only uploaded my first file yesterday, which you commented on, so in spirit of C4C I did yours too today. If you were to crit something of mine now we might end up in an endless cycle of criticism for criticism.
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It's like having the best orgasm of your life ever, but in your brain, and the opposite of that.