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Just wondering what you guys think of this piece i've been working on. I'm not particularly happy with the solo, so I generally improvise instead of playing what I wrote, and i'm not too keen on the breakdown either, so any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, and be as harsh as you feel it deserves.
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I really really liked the verse riff. It's really awesome. Just the overall sound of the lick. the chorus riff was cool, but i liked the verse more. The solo could use work, but as you said, you generally improvise, so it's okay. You should try to tab out some improvisation motifs and work them into the solo.

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Here is my opinion:
I think it's very good, i like the overall feel, it kind of reminded me of some Arch Enemy on the verse. What i think you could change if you decide to, is this:
1. The solo as you said it was mostly improvised, make it better.
2.After the solo, instead of going into the verse and chorus it would be better(in my opinion) if you go right into the breakdown, and then continue like you have it.

Thats it, i like it, and i think it would be good to do those changes that i mentioned about the breakdown part, because the way you have it, i feel the verse and chorus might be one-time too repetitive, so just omit that one and it would be perfect.
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it was pretty good but as most it gets repetitive by itself it definitely need vocals the solo was great to but maybe try varying the not lengths from just eith 8ths or 16s try stuff like the odd not thats 3/4 a bar and whatever just to change things up. and maybe get a second guitar in there just for the odd little melody here and there over your main riff?