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I created this a while back....but decided to dig it up and finish it off....take a quick listen......(Its out there, I think I experimented a bit too much but Ill see what you guys say bout it...)
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The intro is cool with the strings, i dig the acoustic + strings. I have to say though, i really didn't like the continuous off-beat rhythms around bars 13-16. They sounded a little... off.

The bars 19-20... waaaaay off the entire intro, but badass. I love bar 19, the cascading bass + guitar riff. Really awesome. 21-23 Reminds me of "stop" by Jane's addiction XD

Love the synth lead around 28-30 fits well. The whole song is contradictory to your intro though, might want to think about changing that up.

Around bar 50-51 it starts reminding me of sonic: the hedgehog music, with those in your face square synth patch, lol. Not saying that's bad, it's awesome. XD

The ending is abrupt, like you had to end it or something. Sounds forced. Change that up a bit too.

Overall, real cool, but the intro needs work and so does the ending, but you already did the hardest part! The middle, lol.

8.5/10 or C4C? ^_^
4/4 is just so boring. <_<
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The intro was cool but didn't fit with the rest of the song
The riffs in the verse/chorus were getting kinda repetitive and when it kept repeating 4x the same riff it was getting boring.
Same for the bridge, nice but repetitive.
The Solo could use some work too, don't intterupt it with riffs in the middle...
As Jimmy said, the ending is abrupt...

Anyways, it was a nice song, needs some work but it was cool 8/10
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I beg to differ. I actually quite enjoyed the song. Sounds like Janes Addiction a lot like someone else said. The riffs are good although the transitions between them good be better. Same with the solo but make it longer and less waiting for whats going to happen next.
Although overall i enjoyed it. Good job.

P.S i got a song up called "New Powertab Funk song"
Comments on that would be much appreciated
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the beginning doesn't fit the song IMO, also i didn't like that most of the riffs where based around two chords back and forth (that doesn't mean they are bad)but that helped it sound repetitive, I liked the simple mini solo, i think it fits perfectly. as said before sounds kind of like Jane's addiction but with synths. good job.

Mind critting my new song?
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The intro was very good....specially the strings.
I think the string should continue after you add the other guitar....cause if not it doesn't fit...
I like the part at 0:30 and sounds quite good...
And the synth and riff afterwards was good...
Maybe you wanted to make the intro like a contrast or something like that......well, and if that was your should make the transition from intro to the actual song or something (you the end of the intro you take a small pause and so then the riff with some drums come with force.... maybe if you have GP or such)...
I like the riffs in combo with the square sounds kind of weird but cool.....specially the part at 2:00, that sounds great.
The ending is not that bad....but it needs like an outro first cause when it comes you kind of not expect it....
Great song...but (as said before me) you need to fix the intro and ending

Mind critting one of mine? (in of the last 5 if you please )