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Whenever I'm using a large number of instruments on Guitar Pro, they start to "group" as I add the tracks. What I mean is they edit together, and when i change one track, the other ones change with it. I cannot use different instruments because if I change on, they all change to this instrument. The same thing occurs with volume, panning, etc. Please help.
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Wow, how many are you using? the highest I usually go is like 12 and I don't get problems. Just if too many are on RSE then it messes up.

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Its not a playback problem though, it's an issue with editing. I cannot use different instruments because they all change together.
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Dude, search in the GP help file...
You can also go to guitar-pro and search in the FAQ and user manual. I've searched for your problem there, but i didn't find anything. If you want, you can check it too, maybe i missed it somewhere.
If you don't find it there, you can just set every instrument with the RSE equalizer. If you don't have RSE... i don't know, just don't go crazy and don't add too much instruments. :P
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Lol the same thing happens to me when I get to 9. I'm not really sure what causes it, or how to fix it.

EDIT: Ah, I see. I think it depends on how many "channels" you have. If you look at the place where you change the volumes of the tracks, and look at ch1 and ch2, everything after 7 is track 16 (for me, anyway)

I have no idea how you can get more channels though.
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It's just a glitch, should be fixed in version 5.3, it happens when you're nearing 15 or so instruments.