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This is a funk metal song i wrote a few months ago. Im not sure what to do with the part at the 35th measure, Im probably going to change it. So tell me what you think.
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Funk and dissonant clean guitar are 2 different things.
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i didn't really like the first part of it, but when the metal kicks in its good. bar 33-34 is to repetitive, maybe repeat it like 2 or 4 times instead of 8? and the riff right after that isn't really doing anything for me, maybe try another transition? anyways c4c?
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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho

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I really was not a big fan of this at all (reminded me of Korn in way too many places.) Most of the song just sounded off-key, choppy, and bland and unorigional. It was way too slow, you repeated way to much and that clean guitar irritated me to no end. Sorry, but I'm not big on this one. Crit one of mine? They're in my sig.