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I like the optimistic type riffs used in the intro, but IMHO, I think they repeated a bit much...Bass seemed well set out, but could use a little bit of variation instead of playing essentially what the rhythm guitar is playing. The break section was my favorite part as the song seemed to collpase into itself then it started up again very well. Good job on the solo!
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I was really feelin' a solo at Measure 100, but other than that, it was cool
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I liked it. It was different than what is normally posted here. The rhythym of the whole thing was interesting and the guitar solos were imaginative. It was a bit repetetive though.
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lets lee i liked the intro a a good rock feel from that. I think that everything goes into each other pretty well. I like the verse and the bass with guessing their is some kind of singing over it. I really liked the feel of the chorus...and the way it led into the pre-chorus. My favorite part though is the a good classic rock feel from that. The only thing I could see doing to make it better is add a good solo in there somewhere.

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Pretty cool song. I liked the bassline, though it could use a little variation. The riffs were cool, you have an interesting way of using two guitars. Good job!
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whatcha guys mean by the solo i didn't even write one for the song lol.

he means there should have been one in that spot.