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Well I posted this song a couple weeks ago and have since changed it so much that I think it desreves it own thread. If you listened to it already then listen again...this one is much different and much longer. The beginning is pretty much the same...but besides that everything is new. For those who didn't listen to it, give it a listen also. I think this is my new favorite song I've done since Steel Rain if any of you heard that. Thanks for the listens.

I will crit for crit as always

1st file is P-Tab
2nd is MIDI
Silent Escape.zip
Silent Escape.zip
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i liked it all, it flows and the solos goes with the song very nice. i loved the acoustic part.

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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho

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wow I actually think I heard this before, sounds very familiar, did you post a song like this a while back lol? Seriously though, this is definitely a solid composition, and I like the lead in this one,sounds pretty classical at times. good work and keep it up
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Wow.... Not silent at all. I love it!!! The solos are amazing and the acoustics flow very well. And it blends into electric almost perfectly. You should have a little less of an abrupt ending though.


mine havent been updated in awhile, but go ahead. lol.
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that was amazing right from the start, the acoustic was superb, especially when the piano came into the backround with the arps. oh i know this one now. you posted this before no? i remember that main riff at least. the slower bit with the gallops in the back was great. you repeat the riffs a few times i assume this is for vocals? you got a great little solo at around 2:50 and the harmonizing after that is amazing. and the riff with the rests everywhere is powerful as **** just before the next acoustic bit. cant really fault this man. just could do with some drums in there. just to give the full effect, even if you just had a basic beat template.

the slow acoustic at 4:40 is great, nice ascending riffs its like the calm after all the madness at the start and im guessing a heavy finish in a minute . and there we go back to the first few riffs and fade.

amazing composition but at over seven minutes you really need some vocals to keep the average listener happy id love to hear this recorded and all your songs for that matter