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Hey guys, I put this ditty together in Guitar Pro not too long ago. Let me know what you think.
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That's really great, I can't explain how much I liked it.
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Bars 1-16 were good, but I thought that it sounded a little slow imo. It just didn't feel right at that tempo. I liked the creativity of the riff though. Try to speed it up to maybe something like 190 bpm? if you were to do a tempo change, I'd say just go back to 140 bpm at bar 17. the other bars sounded better faster, but this one sounds good as it is. Try to throw some harmonizing on that riff though (minor 3rds, or maybe even octaves) on bars 21-24. It'd make sound pretty wicked.

I liked the arpeggios in the background, but the first one didn't really fit. Make it into a minor (Eb) one instead of a major, it would fit better then. The rest of the arps sound great though. The breakdown type thing was a little boring, put in a little melody from the lead guitar for bars 41-48 maybe? The riff after was good though, but you should change the notes in bar 56 to a diminished arpeggio. i liked the harmonized riff after that though. I'm a sucker for harmonies man

The piano sounded ACE!!! i loved that part man. It was a nice unexpected twist to the song. The only thing I might suggest sbout this part, is maybe have a piano solo in the background, but it really doesn't even need that, cuz it sounds great as it is.

I'm guessing bars 99-112 are the solo? If so, then I have to say it wasn't really anything special. The first part of the it was alright, but try to put some bends in there. Also try to put it at a little faster tempo. The part w/ the open notes didn't sound good. It sounded like the major scale or something, and it diidn't fit. Do something where you use the open notes but go up the neck on the E string using the Aeolian mode (minor scale). And then maybe end w/ a high bend or a really fest run down the neck and end on a low note. The one riff after the solo sounded good where it was, the ending was fine.

Overall, I was pretty impressed w/ some of the stuff (1st riff + the piano ), but the rest really wasn't anything special. You have good ideas man, but you need to just adjust some things like the tempo in some places. It's pretty good though man 8.3/10
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Thanks, man.

Those bars 99-112 aren't really supposed to be a solo, just something I threw in to mix things up, but the more I listen to it I really don't like that open string riff either haha.