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Edit: I royally screwed up the title name, sorry. I meant to say almost done... I feel retarded now.

I haven't come up with a name for it yet, and I'm not really sure what style it would fit in.

I'm not really sure what type of music it would be classified (I'm leaning towards progressive or standard rock, although it doesn't even come close to following the 12 bar blues format)

soloing is not very complex, done with simple arpeggios and the pentatonic scale. Nothing thats way too hard to play. Only the guitar part is done (only for one guitarist, and no bass, drums etc. yet)

And in order to switch between clean (for the intro) and distortion, I had to have 2 'tracks' because of guitar pro.

anyway, I just wanted your opinion on it, and possibly if someone could tell me what, if any, style it fits in. Also, any constructive criticism would be welcome.

right now it's just called noname, but I plan to give it a real name eventually. It is in guitar pro format only right now...

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That was rather cool, the time changes all fitted in. Had a nice flow to it.