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As I stated in previous threads, I'm in a cover band right now that used to be one of the top ones in the area. For the past few months, these guys haven't been practicing, booking gigs, showing interest, etc.

Last Friday, we played at this bar our bassist booked that NONE of us had ever been to. It was tied for 2nd for the most white trash bar I have ever been to. The stage was about 1 inch off the ground and about 3' x 6'. The bar sat about 10 people. It was extremely dirty, etc. You would have honestly laughed if you saw the PA system. It was some kind of Crate Power mixer with 8 channels and a 3 band EQ. We were all saying "That can't be it." when we saw it.

Anyways, I was so mad I told the guys that the next show after that one would be my last with them, and that was before we even started playing. It's not a decision I made just that night, I had been thinking of quitting for months, but that was the end of things. The only reason they booked the gig was for the money. The key reasons this band burnt out so quickly is because:

a) They played the same set-list for a year before I joined them
b) Their fans/friends got sick of them
c) Everyone was either a college student or full-time worker with conflicting schedules

When I told them I was quitting, they said they didn't blame me however when I talk to some of the members in private, they tell me they keep wanting something better also. I told them I was willing to stay with them as long as they put a halt to shows or promotion of any kind until we reform the band. I already know what needs to happen for a reformation (a new set-list, mandatory practice, more versatile singing, play outside the area, change the band name, etc.) I know I have at least 2 members of the band who are willing to reform.

If you guys didn't already know, I work full-time as a sound engineer and have been auditioning for original bands every 3 weeks (which requires a long commute for me.) So this cover band is NOT my only music project happening right now. I've also been trying to pursue Music Journalism. My job as a sound engineer at this night club has put me in contact with some prominent people in the Mid-Atlantic music scene including managers of the top cover bands, entertianment directors, the press, etc. When some of these people ask the name of my band, I'm actually embarrased to tell them.

My question for you guys is this. Based on what you have heard, do you think it's worth the time to even try this reformation? Nothing is going to change my mind about quitting this band unless it happens. I should note this reformation will probably involve a line-up change, so it probably wont' be the same band with the same routine.
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Get the two members who want to reform and get new members for whatever else you need who will have time to practice, change the band name, and get some more music to play. That seems like it would be the best thing if you still want to be in the band.
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Go hold your own auditions, or keep trying those auditions, people dont normaly change, if they arnt practicing to much now, i doubt they will for to long after the reformation... i dunno maybe keep a couple and look for new members, depends on their musicialship i guess.
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Drum Set is my principal instrument and that's my job in the band. It's also what I have been auditioning for with other bands. I had an offer the other day to join a local original band playing lead guitar and synthesizers, but I declined on the fact that I know that band doesn't make a lot of money. Money DOES matter with me.
I was once heavily prominent on these forums from 2004-2007, let's see how long I can stay now that I'm back.
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If you started writing original songs or playing more songs then that might re-energize the band. if that doesnt work then you could reform with the other two members who would like to reform. You should definitely take a break from playing shows until you have a new set list or band

I hope this helped. I am reforming my band right now because the new band i started never really happened. Its been great after taking a break to be writing new songs. Sometimes all you need is a break from music to get more creative.
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