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Ok i play 5sting bass for my band and so far i have written most of our stuff since i have perfect pitch,sing, and i also play guitar. but we are very bass heavy and i have a lot of soloish stuff but im not sure if i like playing so much. the community loves it but im not sure if i do for once id like some siplish stuff but the band keeps making me play alot which makes the band driven by bass instead of guitar...which in my opinion is awkward..but idk if i should continue to write stuff until they figure out how to write their own music...but yeah idk what to do....but its fun. but right now im just on the borderline of pulling way back and see how well they cope with it....what do ya think?
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One word: PRIMUS

That being said . . . .

If you're good at writing music, why not help them write music? Take their basic ideas, and help your bandmates to expand on them a bit. If the guitarist comes up with a riff, help him to tweak it a bit, maybe come up with a variation or two, and then just double him when it's played?

As long as you're having fun, you aren't doing anything wrong. That's the bottom line.

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the most important thing is enjoying what youre doing, if you dont like playing so much, then dont
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Well, there can never be too much bass!

If you are the man, then you are the man. As long as what you write is musical and everyone else in the band is into it and able to play along with your stuff correctly, I wouldn't sweat it.

For decades, Steve Harris was the principal songwriter in Iron Maiden. No one else sounded like them because of it.

The only pitfall I can forsee is the potential for repetition where it might get boring for you. Having a five string will help because you have more options sonically.

Plus it might get tedious if you are the sole creative force. If it gets painful, collaborate.

Or write on guitar, it's a real eye opener when you do that and you grow as a musician.
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if you are that good, then take it as a blessing and simply create what feels right to you, make sure your band can play what you write, include what you want and i you dont like it, collaborate with people

for inspiration look at les claypool, clif burton, steve harris, lemmy, paul mcartney. phil lynnot or flea
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I wish I had perfect pitch...:
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I wish I had perfect pitch...:

no you don't..... it'd drive you nuts when you heard something that wasn't in perfect tune, i've known a couple people with perfect pitch and they were half insane because of it.
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umm....ever heard of the police? listen to murder by numbers...i know its not your type of music persay but it shows just how a bass can be the main instrument, and in my opinion, the more memorable part of the song
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look at rush definately a bass driven band and they are defimately unique and a great band. i say keep qritting and just try to help your other members become more confident and take some solos and play more if thats what you want.