Hey guys.

I love to play with high action. It helps me to do wider, better vibrato and bends, which are my strongest points in playing. Problem is, with higher action, my legato is usually barely audible (I'm talking straight legato, whole runs with no picking or anything). I lowered my action a little bit ago, and it made my guitar alot easier to play, and I was quite shocked at how descent my legato really was. Problem was, bends and vibrato were difficult, and my fingers kept getting trapped between the string and the fretboard. Are there any tricks to keep that same ease of fretting that comes with low action and at the same time gain more freedom for bending and vibrato?
One word, practice.

You can also practice legato with high action, You will get massive finger strength after some time, and it will feel natural.

Or just keep on practicing vibrato non stop until you get it.
if u wanna do sumthin new.. try scalloping your neck... yer vibrato and bends will have lots of control and u should be able to legato like lightning with a little getting used to
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