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the riff is cool, but you should definitivly put some variations to it. This is probably just a first inspiration written on paper (or guitar pro in this case) so you should really sit down and add some more stuff to it cauz you have a good start. You should add something in the middle of that, so people dont get bored from the same riff going over and over. but if you like it like that, just keep it this way. im just giving my opinion
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thnx but i wasnt really shooting for a variational type song...You should know that i was really more or less looking at the drums. I did of course try some different stuff but none of it felt just right when i used it.
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Wow man I really like this one, sounds like something I could (should?) have written I don't agree you have to put more variation in the riff, I really like how the guitar repeats it self over and over, and the rest kind of builds on top of that. The drums where really great, I wish I could tab drums like that (mine always sound like something you would here in an elevator or something).

It kind of reminds me of a song I know (and like), but I can't remember wich. It's always a good sign when people get that feeling over your song. I would title it 'Desperation', for some reason that's the title that came up when I listened to it

Two thumbs up!