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Hey, I was having fun improvising and some cool riffs came out, tried to put them together, and that's how it came C4C

EDIT: :O Full song!!! Just need bass... Im always slow on bass because I hate making basslines !! Anyways, enjoy!!! Oh yeah I forgot...no main solo because it's an instrumental song but some cool riffs !
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Cool, looks like a real fun song to play, gonna try it right now
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Thanks guys, Yea it's simple I know, I'm not THAT good playing guitar :P That's why I make some songs sound cool and simple I'll try to finish the song soon.. hope to make a nice solo for it Instrumental song too!
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Oh before I forget the 1 1/2 tone bend at the end of the intro solo sounded off to me... but yeah.

Anyway on with the rest of the criting hehe

Riff A and its harmonisation I love and the contrast it makes with the pm'ed Riff B, all in all for what seems like an unfinished this is pretty awesome. I'm expecting good things from the finished piece, please don't hesitate to finished this baby mate lol.

I can't see much else I can say 'cause of the length of this but yeah, Here mine if you wanna crit back or something like that (Don't feel you have to mind)
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Hmmm, the 1 1/2 bend sounds good to me >.> maybe its just me then :P

Thanks for the crit, really appreciate it Already crit yours when you were critting mine :P
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hey man, it wasnt bad, nothing groundbreaking tho. the intro riff was good but i hated the intervals u used for harmonising it try major 3rds much better sound. anyways keep workin on it.
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I liked the intro riff...sounded kind of weird with the harmonisation (specially at 4 and 16... everything else is good )
I loved the solo...simple but good, (that bend at the end sounds good to me).
Riff B sounds great at first...but the harmonizations makes it lose its touch I think after....
Riff C was okay...
Riff D was very catchy I liked it a lot.....although the solo didn't sound too good....

Well....nice riffs.....

Maybe you would like to check on of my songs here if you can
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Dude this is real cool!
I really liked the intro riff and the intro solo, it was something that got my attention, and made me wanna listen to the rest of the song. The second riff (riff B) was okay, but pretty boring to be fair... you could try and spice it up a bit. Riff C was okay to, while Riff D I think was also really catchy, and matched the standards set by the intro riff and solo. The rhythm gave a nie intro, and the lead went with it nicely. All in all, great start and great ending, but maybe wanna spice things up a bit in the middle. Crit mine?

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thanks for the crit guys Really appreciate it, as for the Riff C, didn't put too much effort in it as you can see... What do you guys have with my Riff B I find it cool xD! And what harmonisations are you talking about Gonzaw? I also removed the lead from Riff D, found it kinda sloppy.. Ill try to figure out a new one soon
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6.5 or 7 / 10. and why is that low?
because it sounds to me kinda unfinished. the palm muted riff is my favourite, personally i love this kind of songs, that's why i ama critting it harder

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thanks for the crit guys, Khamett, it might seem unfinished to you, but in fact it is almost completely finished, I just need to add/edit some things and add the bass and then it will be finished