Been working 35+ hours a week at my restaurant job and 25-ish on my own job so I haven't really had time to have a lot of fun, but at least I'm making money. Oh wait, spent all of it because the bank screwed me over on spring break. At least I'm out of debt, I guess.

Today sucks as well. My car got towed (illegally, I might add) and my guitar was in the trunk! I won't have the money to get it out until I get my tipcheck tomorrow, so it looks like I'm just chillin' for the day. Good thing I called off work because of my HERNIA. surgery on monday. let's hope it gets better after that.

it's been a pretty crappy summer so far.
wow, that sounds pretty bad. debt, car loss, and a hernia? you're living it rough.
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ouch. meh mine is off to a great start. goin to a bbq tonight with some friends and plannin on getting completely smashed. gonna be pretty sweet

oh and the highlight of the beginning of it all was as a prank on last day of school, kids lets a box of 1000 crickets go in the cafeteria. it was histerical.
Yeah my summer has sucked so far, atleast I start work next week so I won't be broke anymore.
Yeah well Im trapped in England with none of my friends, I have to work a ****ing charity job full time without getting paid a cent (Im losing money paying for lunch while I work) and I have to do it for 2 months bitch
I think the guy by me that got hit by a drunk driver (underage) while riding a bike that had to get his leg amputated is having a little worse summer than you....but that blows.
Well I sure hope you get laid soon to bring up your spirits. On second thought, I hope I get laid soon.

I'll have a bourbon.
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I think the guy by me that got hit by a drunk driver (underage) while riding a bike that had to get his leg amputated is having a little worse summer than you....but that blows.

****, that is bad.

Nothing has really happened for me.. it has just been boring..
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I agree, i always help people up. At the last show we all protected this little kid who was tying his shoe in the middle of the pit.

they are cutting my hours at work for some noobs, so I have to find another job. plus, I'll probably get fired for cussing one of the noobies out. asshole fucked up my latte.
....I still have a week left of school. But your summer..DOES suck. I'm hoping my summer is better than yours, hoping for a lot of drunkeness..lol, not a clue how to spell it. oh well, anyways, yeah, sorry to hear about your summer. But, you will manage, at least you still have your legs!
that sucks. Hardcore sucks. My isn't the best. I owe my uncle $600 for a medium size dent in his car door. but damn, you got it bad. Maybe Karma is kicking in?
Sorry to hear the man sounds like a rough time. Hope things work out for you.

My summer's been pretty good but I have to travel all over for school and do AP summer work. So I probably won't find time for a job to buy that amp or much time to play with my band.

Oh and I had to get a shot today. But not much to really complain about.
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Sounds like it sucks....
At least you have a job though. I'd rather be doing something remotely useful than sitting around the house.
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Today was my first day of summer and I was so bored I actually excersized.

Anyways, what do you mean by illegally towed? You parked in a no parking zone or some moron called the tow place on you and towed your car for a stupid reason?
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I feel your pain. I'm working 60 hours a week (tomorrow's my first day off in 28 days) and will be til I go back to school in September. I had surgery on my left hand in mid-May and haven't been able to play guitar or do much of anything for a month and probably won't be able to til early July.. And I'm missing the friends I made when I was away at school this year.
My summer i already over, I'm back to college for the best part of it. Go back on monday. The majority of my actual summer holiday is gonna be taken up by Duke Of Edinburgh Gold work.
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it's been a pretty crappy summer so far.

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