I just have an acoustic and I have no plans of playing gigs or in a band. I just play by myself for my own enjoyment, others every once in a while. I also play pretty often 1-2 hours per night. Anyways I was thinking of getting a small amp for my acoustic but I was wondering if it would even be necessary for someone like me. Eventually I am going to buy an electric once my funds are coming in more steadily.

If I do get one I wouldnt need much, just a little one that sounds good on my acoustic (Takamine EG-530C) and an electric down the road.
If you only have acoustic, and you're happy, then no- but amps make it a lil more fun
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Yeah, I mean I have an acoustic for the reason that you don't need to carry around an amp when you go places with you guitar. As for the electric, you're going to want a nice amp with it.

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